Our Terms & Conditions : Garage Softwarte Pvt Ltd

This is Agreement Between (Workshop Name, User) with office at & GARAGE SOFTWARE PVT LTD with office at 2nd Floor, Building 145, Sector 44, Gurgaon, Haryana

1. The company will provide cloud based online software, website, mobile app to workshop, garages, retailers, distributors for usage.
2. The software/website/mobile app will be developed by the company with login and password access for secure usage by the workshop/garages.
3. Garage/Workshop will access the mobile app/website/software using secure login access and use for own business purpose and will not re-sale it.
4. The company will customized the website and maintain it monthly and maintain data on the cloud server in a secure hosting server.
5. The company will register online assets like domain name, hosting and other hosting server requirements by the brand of the workshop and maintain it.
6. The workshop has to pay monthly for usage of Online Assets purchased for garages. System can stop the usage of user with alter showing on the screen
7. Upon termination of the contract, company will delete all the data from server and garage would not be able to access the data after termination. All online assets will be kept by Garage Software Pvt Ltd.
8. The termination or stopage of online service shall happen automatically through the system upon Non-Payment (when payment does not hit to the server) without any information
If garage has bought any Exclusive Service that need manual intervention, the contract shall be terminated by giving written notice of 1 month.
9. The offering of the website, admin panel, mobile app includes the following features and modules (with a separate "custom made software" agreement). 10. Garage has to pay monthly on every 1st to 5th Date of the every month to keep using all the Online Assets developed by the company.
11. Any disputes arises will be dealt mutually understanding or as per law with jurisdiction of Gurgaon, Haryana.
12. Monthly plans mentioned on the website
13. There is No Refund after purchase of Subscription.
14. Any website domain registered by the company has to be re-newed every year after receiving of the payment for domain name. User/Workshop has to re-new the website domain service every year.


- Keep Your Vehicle Records
- Make Your Job Card
- Send Service Reminder
- Make Your Digital-Invoice



  • Logo
  • Website DOT COM/IN (Domain Hosting)
  • Customer Booking Form
  • Login access (multi-users)
  • Job Card
  • Billing/Invoices


  • Google Play Store Customer App
  • Service Pricing Panel/Schemes
  • Reporting
  • Booking Records


  • Visiting Card
  • Customer Offers on Mobile App
  • Banners Changes in Mobile App
  • Vehicle search/History
  • Service Reminder
  • Google Business Directory
  • Social media ( on request )